My mother was not even 21 when she married my Dad.  He was a Philadelphia Firefighter, an immigrant, not wealthy by cultural standards. He did have a Corvette, which he traded in to buy their first house.  He also had a stable job with predictable income, benefits and pension.  He was a good catch by means of finding a provider. Many of my Mom’s friends did not think about their retirement savings at that young age because marrying a good man, HOPEFULLY a rich man, was the retirement plan.

Fast forward 26 years and I am walking down the aisle after saying “I do” to my new husband Greg. Two yuppies walking hand in hand into the future.  Did I marry a millionaire? No.  Did I marry a trust fund baby? No.  Did I marry a man with a Corvette? No (darn). We still had college loans, car payments, and were first-time home buyers attached to a mortgage with PMI.

So why is this article titled, “I Married Rich”?

Let’s get it out there…I say I married rich because I married the love of my life.

Greg was the person who shared my goals and values.  We both had a passion to succeed as the first generation with college degrees.  We both wanted to balance career and family.  We trusted one another and we were following the same path.

Greg and I were rich in our relationship because we communicated well.  We openly talked about our finances, we set the budget together, we made no large purchases without fully vetting the decision.  We often sat together for tea on a Saturday morning before our babies woke up and reviewed the line items in the checkbook.  We communicated our needs, wants, and dreams.  By doing so, we were prepared for the unexpected and cherished our advancements.

No, we never achieved the status of wealthy or rich if you are comparing it to someone who might have a private helicopter, limo, and mansion in the Hamptons. But, to sum it up, by understanding and communicating with one another, Greg and I were able to respect our individual perception and relationship to money.  Therefore, we made sound decisions in our careers, insurance, and real estate.  We kept our debt down, we had a financial advisor to help guide us, we saved early for retirement and our kids’ education.   Simply, my marriage was rich because we learned how to work together on our family’s finances and we achieved many of our goals and dreams during Greg’s short lifetime.

Yes, I married very rich.