As I write today the date is March 8th and it is a special day!  Did I know how special when I woke up this morning?  Nope. The day started early, wake up at 4:30 a.m. to take care of the pets and get a work out in on my basement elliptical while watching my MarketWatch talk shows on DVR.  The morning routine continued-coffee- kids’ lunches-dinner in crockpot-laundry-shower-prep for work-coffee.  6:15 a.m. and ready to go!   And what to my wondering eyes did appear?  A driveway that needed to be shoveled out again as it was plowed in during my 15-minute shower interval.  High-heels traded for snow boots along with some elbow grease and I was on my way to the office.  Arrival, ahhhhhh.  First morning task at the office is emails.  The greatest subject line rolled across my inbox, “Happy International Women’s Day”.   As a woman, I was happy to celebrate all the accomplishments I had achieved in just my first 3.5 hours of the day, Happy Women’s Day to me!

This special day email was sent from a fellow alum of Saint Basil’s Academy, an all-girls college prep school that has developed and empowered its young women for generations.  This alum is a peer in the industry and someone I quickly admired and gravitated towards.  The note, with its celebratory subject line, contained a forwarded blog by Sara Grillo titled, “Three Ways Female Financial Advisors Can Help Other Women”.  It is a good honest read and it resonated with me.  I quickly sent emails of gratitude to the women I know that are forging ahead in creating their own small businesses and recreating their careers.  I let them know that they are an inspiration to me.  Their true grit, ingenuity and ability to lead their businesses with honesty and a sense of service is awe-inspiring.

This blog reminded me of one reason why I give financial advice for individuals and families in transition-to help empower the women whom lead with intelligence and drive for betterment of their families, communities and themselves. I recreated myself and my career after the loss of my husband because I felt compelled to help people enrich their lives. By adding value to the lives of those women who make it happen every day, I am honored.  To my clients who are the single moms, business owners, bread winners and matriarchs to generations, may I wish you a very Happy International Women’s Day!