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Episode 16 – Widows and Wisdom Edition with Attorney Liam Duffy

Divorce is a transition in life that can have one of the greatest emotional and financial impacts on a couple.  In this Episode of Widow and Wisdom attorney Liam Duffy of Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg and Gifford shares some prudent steps to take when considering a...

Episode 15 – Widows and Wisdom Edition with Sarah Miller

This Widow and Wisdom episode adds value to those looking to recreate or launch their careers. Sarah Miller of Sarah MillerPhotography shares how to use commercial photography to help establish and refresh your business profile, tips for having an engaging social...

Episode 14 – Realtor Jayne Thorsen

Saving for a real estate purchase is a common objective we help our clients to plan for, and achieve. A new home, a rental property or maybe a vacation home are goals many of our clients are working towards. In this Episode of Planning Makes it Possible we talk to...

Episode 12 – Widows and Wisdom Edition with Gayle Crist

Talking finances while dating is often a taboo subject.  In this episode of our Widows and Wisdom Series, life and dating coach Gayle Crist provides insight and guidance on how match your financial values in a new relationship.

Episode 11 – Recent Market Volatility

In this episode we discuss the recent market volatility and the steps clients can consider in dealing with the short term fluctuations of the capital markets.

Episode 10 – Widows and Wisdom Edition

Donna Kendrick explores the many new trends in funeral planning. In this episode Kyle Tevlin, founder of “I Want a Fun Funeral”, shares her expertise in trending funeral options, planning, and costs.

Episode 9 – Widows and Wisdom Edition with Mark Davis

In the premier episode of our Widows and Wisdom series, advisor Donna Kendrick address updating your estate documents now that you are single.  Elder Law Attorney Mark Davis from the Law Offices of Michael S. Connor joins us in this episode to discuss estate documents...

Episode 8 – Medicaid Planning with Peter Gilbert

In Episode 8 with talk with Attorney Peter Gilbert from High Point Law offices on the nuances of Medicaid Planning. Peter discusses important elements of such planning including eligibility, qualifications and various considerations for families when faced with...

Episode 7 – The Basics of Life Insurance

In this episode we discuss the basics of life insurance with Frank Branca, Jr. from the Branca Rampart Agency. We cover concepts like determining an adequate amount of coverage, the appropriate type of coverage and why life insurance is such an important part of one's...

Episode 5 – Working with a College Coach

College planning is one of the most common goals our clients come to us seeking guidance and advice.   In this Episode we speak with Jake Rosen from Launchpad Coaching on the role a college coach can play in your college planning and search,  along with other...

Episode 4 – Understanding Estate Planning

Estate planning is important for everyone, regardless of your wealth or standing in life. In this episode we talk with Attorney Michael Frisbie from Weber, Kracht and Chellew and the documents everyone should have as part of the estate plan.

Episode 3 – Property Insurance Basics

Having adequate protection is a critical part of a comprehensive financial plan. In this episode we speak with Insurance expert Ron Martin from RMG on understanding the basics of property insurance and the role it plays in your financial plan.

Episode 2 – Tax Law Change w/Denise Neason, CPA.

In this episode we discuss the recent tax law change with CPA Denise Neason from Bee Bergvall & Co. Denise will share her insights into the most impactful parts of the tax law change and considerations clients can make to their finances to best prepare


Fear, Greed and Risk

So the last 12 months in the equity market have been interesting.  Last fall, the markets were in turmoil declining over 14% for 4th quarter. The S&P 500 was down as much as 9% in December alone. Certainly, unnerving performance for most investors. Conversations...

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Pre Takeoff Briefing

I recently began flight training for my private pilot license. It’s great fun and something I have wanted to do since I as a kid. It’s exciting to learn something completely new and get answers to questions I have had for years. I enjoy being in the air of course, but...

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Efficient vs. Effective

I have recently been dealing with a noise in coming from the front end of my Ford Explorer. I am frustrated because the vehicle is now back for third time to correct the issue, with two separate service centers. I am frustrated because if the tech had simply taken...

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Widow and Wisdom-The Art of Listening

I am a Grief Recovery Specialist, which means that I have been extensively trained in a program called the Grief Recovery Method® to help those process a loss in their lives.  The loss does not have to simply be from the death of a spouse or loved one, it can be from...

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You Had One Job

One of my favorite follows on Twitter is the ‘You Had One Job’ account. The expression, of course, is used to describe missteps by those who simply had one thing to do and yet were unable to do it. Some of the recent posts include the box labeled limes, yet filled...

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Widow and Wisdom – I Married Rich

My mother was not even 21 when she married my Dad.  He was a Philadelphia Firefighter, an immigrant, not wealthy by cultural standards. He did have a Corvette, which he traded in to buy their first house.  He also had a stable job with predictable income, benefits and...

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Toothpaste, Sunscreen and Retirement

Recently I completed a book by author Charles Duhigg titled “The Power of Habit” ( Duhigg,2012). It was an interesting read about the structure and building blocks of habits and how our brain responds, both positively and negatively.  One interesting discussion was...

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