In today’s financial world, there is an ever growing amount of choice for investors. This tremendous amount of choice, for many investors, is overwhelming.

Add to this enormous list of products, an ever changing complexity in our financial lives. Retirement Plans, IRA’s, deferred compensation, education plans, stock options, changing tax laws… the task becomes daunting.

If one is to accomplish the financial goals they have set for themselves and their families, it often takes more than choosing the right stock or investment. It takes a disciplined financial approach through a comprehensive financial plan. It takes advice.

Financial planning is the process that helps you understand your financial situation, formulate your future goals and objectives and develop strategies to help you understand your financial assets and manage your money more successfully. Planning starts with the recognition that you have distinct needs and goals. Your financial plan should be specifically designed to help you achieve your objectives.

Research has shown that investors are much more likely to achieve their financial goals when they have a written financial plan. At the Reiner Financial Group, financial planning is not simply another service that our firm offers. Financial planning is the basis of our relationship with all of our clients.

Your specific plan may cover a broad spectrum of areas as defined by the National Endowment for Financial Education, or may be designed to provide advice in one specific area such as retirement or education planning. Advice on more complex topics as executive compensation, estate planning and charitable giving and stock option analysis is also available.

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