Fig Financial – October 2015

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A common question faced by retirement savers is which type of retirement plan should I be using? After all, there a many offerings and often times investors are confused between the differences . Most savers often have limited dollars to earmark for their retirement goal and want to be sure they are taking full advantage of all the possible benefits available. Take the “ Roth IRA / 401(K)” debate. These are two different retirement plans...

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Financial Backpack

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One of my favorite activities when the weather warms up is backpacking. I recently returned from a trip to the Shenandoah National Park where our group covered 30 miles in 4 days on the trail. I enjoy both the challenge and the solitude of being on the trail. The simplicity of having all that you need to sustain yourself, strapped to your back, is calming in a strange way.  Luxuries create complexities. How much simpler can life get than food ,...

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Fig Finance – April 2014

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In honor of the Spring Food Issue of Fig, I thought I’d share some lessons from the kitchen that may help with your investing. As I child I loved visiting my grandmothers. I was fortunate to have two grandmothers, the ‘fun’ one and the ‘other’ one. Many times my fun Grandmom would bake when I was there. She made cookies, brownies and a variety of other baked goods. You can picture the scene with all the raw ingredients spread around the...

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Fig Finance – February 2014

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Welcome to Fig Finance, a new blog about all things financial. I am looking forward to sharing helpful tips and ideas in the area of finance to help you better your life. I enjoy my regular trips to the gym. However, come January, it’s resolution time, the crowds roll in, parking is at a premium and regardless of when I arrive, I need to wait for a machine. I do my best to find alternatives when possible. Today however, was different. It was...

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