Widow and Wisdom – I Married Rich

Posted by on Jul 24, 2018 in Blog |

My mother was not even 21 when she married my Dad.  He was a Philadelphia Firefighter, an immigrant, not wealthy by cultural standards. He did have a Corvette, which he traded in to buy their first house.  He also had a stable job with predictable income, benefits and pension.  He was a good catch by means of finding a provider. Many of my Mom’s friends did not think about their retirement savings at that young age because marrying a good man,...

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Widow and Wisdom-What to look for in a Financial Advisor

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I was recently stuck in traffic on an airport shuttle bus with a group of advisors.  One advisor was referencing an older widowed client and stated, “She didn’t earn that money, so it really didn’t matter to her. Her husband was the one who worked”.  I was at first offended on a personal level but after long consideration and persuasion from my colleagues, I realized this was an opportunity.  It is an opportunity to educate...

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Widow and Wisdom-And Women

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As I write today the date is March 8th and it is a special day!  Did I know how special when I woke up this morning?  Nope. The day started early, wake up at 4:30 a.m. to take care of the pets and get a work out in on my basement elliptical while watching my MarketWatch talk shows on DVR.  The morning routine continued-coffee- kids’ lunches-dinner in crockpot-laundry-shower-prep for work-coffee.  6:15 a.m. and ready to go!   And what to my...

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Widow and Wisdom -Decisions Under Pressure

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Today is the four-year anniversary of my husband Greg’s sudden passing.  As I sit here writing I reflect back on what had to be done in the hours after his death.  The biggest decision was how do I tell the kids that their Dad is gone.   What words do you choose for an audience of 8-year-old innocence, 11-year-old independence, and 12-year-old indifference?  How are each one of my kids going to accept these words?   The choices I made in those...

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Widow and Wisdom – Four Pieces of Wisdom, Four Years Later

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Four years ago, I uttered the words, “I don’t know what everyone is complaining about, 40 is awesome!” Just two weeks later, my husband, Gregory, died suddenly, and I became a widow and single parent of three kids under 12. Everything changed in a moment, and 40 didn’t feel so good anymore. It hasn’t been easy, but since then, I’ve gained a bit of perspective that I can share with you about how to protect your family in case of an unexpected...

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